Geluk Nu ~ Joy Now
Monika Masters


Like many of you, I am passionate about so many things.

Sharing and expressing, love, joy, self knowing and the continual expansion of it all.  I love to share my passions in different ways, this time in English only, I do not yet speak Dutch.

This weekend I will be offering my passions, like so many beautiful others.

I will be sharing 3 mini worskshops: Happiness with your dog.  Meditations accompanied by singing bowl sounds bath.  And exploring the power of what joy actually means using an understanding of law of attraction.

If it feels right come join me and wishing you all a lovely weekend! 


Net als velen van jullie, ben ik gepassioneerd door zoveel dingen ...

Delen en uiten, liefde, vreugde, zelfkennis en de voortdurende uitbreiding van dit alles. Ik deel mijn passies graag op verschillende manieren, dit keer alleen in het Engels, ik spreek nog geen Nederlands.

Dit weekend zal ik mijn passies aanbieden, zoals zoveel mooie anderen. Ik zal delen: Geluk met je hond. Klankschaal Geluidsmeditatie en verschillende andere vormen van meditatie. Ontdek de kracht van wat vreugde eigenlijk betekent met behulp van een begrip van de wet van aantrekking.

Als het goed voelt, kom bij mij en ik wens jullie allemaal een fijn weekend!


Happiness with your Dog
For details see above
Zaterdag 28 september 2019
Van 10:30 tot 12:00
Zondag 29 september 2019
Van 10:30 tot 12:00
Happiness with your Dog
Dogs know how to be happy! And they bring so much joy into our lives.
Learn foundational techniques of how to become a stable leader for your dog and have the relationship you have always wanted.
Sometimes humans have challenges with their dogs. It can be anything: leash pulling, fear, aggression, or anything else.

Why does this occur?
1. Dogs have different needs than their human family. To help them we must know what those needs are and how to support the fulfillment of them.
2. Dogs speak a different language than we do. The clearer we know how to communicate and understand what they are communicating the happier the relationship with our doggies becomes.
No matter the challenge you and your dog may be experiencing, it can blossom into happiness.
Bring your doggies and doggy treats. Refreshing Smoothies will be available for sale.
Meditate into Bliss. Meditation with Singing Bowls
Hallo daar, ik onderzoek nu al meer dan 9 jaar meditatie.

Ik ben gekomen om te leren dat meditatie een krachtig hulpmiddel is om de basis van ZELF WETEN IN COMFORT, VRIJHEID en daarom GELUK te ondersteunen!

Kom met ons Colin en Trudi en ik, regen of zonneschijn terwijl we verschillende soorten meditatie verkennen en de draad verkennen die ze allemaal verbindt.

Meditatie om 12:30 en 14:30

Verfrissende Smoothies zijn ook te koop.

Hi there, I have been exploring meditation for over 9 years now.

I have come to learn meditation is a powerful tool to support the foundation of SELF KNOWING IN COMFORT, FREEDOM and therefore HAPPINESS!

Come join us; Colin and Trudi and me, rain or shine as we explore different types of meditation and explore the thread which links them all.

Meditation at 12:30 and 14:30

Refreshing Smoothies will be for sale as well.
HOW to LIVE a life of JOY
HOW to live a life of JOY ~ JOY ~ JOY? Even though I really want some things in my life to be different than they are?
HOW do I find happiness NOW? And with practice, turn any challenge into ease and even eagerness?

Perhaps you may agree, we were born into a state of feeling joy, love and full of possibility.

HOW do we return to that natural state we were born with?
What beliefs systems and tools are supportive of a path of joy, love, creativity, passion and more?
And HOW to know ourselves and know the difference?

Join me as we dive into and explore the empowering world of what joy actually means, and how to live a life of happiness, using an understanding of law of attraction.

There will be an informal, introductory talk followed by question period, all questions are welcome.

Fresh smoothies for sale as well.

~I am wishing you all joy

Wat, Waar, Wanneer

  • Happiness with your Dog
    zaterdag 28 september 2019
    van 09:15 tot 11:15
    Phila del ART, Pesthuislaan 4
  • Meditate into Bliss. Meditation with Singing Bowls
    zaterdag 28 september 2019
    van 12:00 tot 15:00
    Phila del ART, Pesthuislaan 4
  • Happiness with your Dog
    zondag 29 september 2019
    van 10:30 tot 12:00
    Phila del ART, Pesthuislaan 4
    You can let me know if you are coming through: or 06 47 467 599
  • HOW to LIVE a life of JOY
    zondag 29 september 2019
    van 14:30 tot 16:30
    Phila del ART, Pesthuislaan 4