A stranger is a friend you have not met yet

Touching Strangers Geluksroute

Een tijd geleden kwam ik via via dit filmpje tegen van fotograaf Richard Renaldi en ik was er direct door geraakt. Net als bij de Geluksroute gaat dit project over de verbinding tussen mensen. Dus op een dag heb ik het mailadres op gezocht en Richard Renaldi de onderstaande brief gestuurd. Zijn geweldige antwoord staat er gelijk onder! Een JA!

Dus nu zijn we van start gegaan met het Touching Strangers Geluksroute - project. Het idee is om mensen die elkaar niet kennen te fotograferen alsof zij vrienden zijn, familie of geliefden. Door steeds andere fotografen van de stad waar de Geluksroute op dat moment te gast is

De aftrap heeft plaats gevonden in Rotterdam Centrum, daarna Noord, toen Leiden, en ik hoop dat er een prachtige verzameling van bijzondere ontmoetingen zal ontstaan.

Mocht je interesse hebben om mee te doen in "jouw" stad, neem dan even contact op met Marike via geluksroute@gmail.com.

Dear Richard

I have been following your beautiful project Touching strangers for a while now.
And today I decided to mail you with the following question:
Since about a year and a half I have been facilitating the Happiness route - Geluksroute - in different cities in the Netherlands. It started as a private project, to see what would happen if I invited people to share what makes them happy with other people, in my hometown on this september weekend.
It was amazing what happened, so many people joined ans shared their passion for music, dancing, walking, chi kung, food, playing, yoga, wine, drawing, photography, philosophy, theatre, baking, history, mindfulness etc etc etc. The invitation was open to anyone and people enjoyed this open atmosphere so much that people from different cities also wanted their place to enjoy the Geluksroute. So we started a kind of happiness circus travelling through the Netherlands.
We just had our fifth weekend, this time in Amsterdam, (and five more are being organised as we speak!) and it was heartwarming again

I would love to start a similar project to yours, which would be travelling alongside the Geluksroute, photographing strangers sharing happiness. And maybe with more than one photographer.
Now I could just do that off course, but I always like to honour the source of inspiration and would much rather start this project with your knowledge and blessing (or does that language sound to much like a Hollywood movie?)
I hope you like the idea and I am looking forward to your response

With warm greetings
Marike van IJssel


Hi Marike,
You have my "blessings"
Ha Ha.No problem.
Please attribute proper credit to me if possible and keep in mind the release of the book in April 2014.

Richard Renaldi