Connecting provides happiness.

Nadieh Roeffen & Goby Lam

Connecting with other people provides happiness. For example think about the smile you get on your face when someone you don’t know helps you with something. Eindhoven wants the city to connect through a game.

There are 24 cards with small assignments, challenging people to connect in a fun way, to create a smile on your face.

This is a way to test the cards if they work, because we want to make a really big game out of it!(eventually)

Een samenwerking van Fontys Hogescholen en Gemeente Eindhoven.


We are standing at Karel Vermeerenplantsoen, behind bakkerij Broodt on Sunday from 1 till 4.

Just come by and test out the games with us. we need your help!

Wat, Waar, Wanneer
Smiling challenges
zondag 18 juni 2017
Van 13:00 tot 16:00
Karel Vermeerenplantsoen