Share your happiness

Happiness is literally found everywhere in Apeldoorn, during the Geluksroute - Happiness Route, on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 April 2015.

What is the Geluksroute exactly?

Giving and caring residents of Apeldoorn make the Geluksroute possible. They share their happiness in the form of various activities.

Each ‘happiness-bringer’ creates an activity that makes him or her happy and shares it with the visitors of the Geluksroute. The activities are free of charge for the visitors (also named geluksplukkers/happiness-pickers).

Everyone is welcome to join, whether you are a citizen, company, restaurant, teacher or neighbor, and it doesn’t matter whether you are from Apeldoorn or not. You decide what kind of activity you would like to share, where and when it will take place, and whether it is one day or both days. This creates a variety of happiness points in a city. This exchange guarantees inspiring encounters and beautiful discoveries.

The organization of the Geluksroute is based on the sharing of wealth and value. The aim of the Geluksroute is to bring more abundance, and bring people together and share this great experience.

Whether you love yoga, dancing, giving a lecture, organizing a workshop, storytelling, music, or theater, baking pies, a good conversation with an unknown passer-by or a coffee with neighbors, a picnic in the park, it's all possible. It is up to you what kind of activity you would like to share with others.

The invitation is simple: What makes you happy and do you want to share this?

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We welcome you somewhere on the Geluksroute